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Technical systems of security

Security provision needs high professionalism on the part of employees of protective companies. But even the professionals of extra-class couldn’t effectively carry out their task without using modern technical achievements. In modern technicalsayga systems of security a wide spectrum of electronic systems are applied including the latest workings in the sphere of high technologies. First of all they are- systems of signalization, systems of video monitoring and access control systems.
Signalization can automatically inform protection service both about the attempts of nonsanctional encroachments into the object or in its separate premises, and other dangers. Its special place has fire signalization. It’s known that fire is one of the most often taking place reasons of property damage and loss. Fire can do big damage, and the best way to avoid it – prophylaxis and continuous control. The fire and protecting parts of fire defence signalization system set by Private Protective Enterprise (PPE) are considerably independent subsystems using common program – technical means only on the stage of final data transmission and in the part of system external operation.
sayga cameraSo, the system common safety and its stability rises before negative influence of various external factors. The main working part of both subsystems is numerous informing primaries fixing these or those critical changes in subcontrolling space. If  these changes exceed certain threshold meaning, in central terminal a signal turns on, in accordance with which a number of acts are realized. For fire part of fire-defence signalization system, beside informing the operator about accident, automatic commands can be given on switching on fire putting out system, smoke removal system, other engineering – technical  systems, according to specificity of given premises.
Protective part of fire – defence signalization, in case of getting a signal of penetration attempt on the part of strange persons, in protective premises fixes the time and concrete place of illegal encroachment, and also can be turned on giving a number of automatic commands(doors blocking, alarm group calling and so on ).
Video monitoring systems considerably retrench the work waste, necessary for security provision of big objects. They let suppress various criminal encroachments and other dangers- from illegal intrusion into the object territory, till self-service shop larceny, moreover only one person can realize the control of many places with a help of video systems.
The main functions of video monitoring is to carry on video monitoring of definite sectors of object territory and to present the given visual information to security service operator as a, easy to percept, further elaboration and keeping.
As the main task of the video monitoring in the structure of technical means of security provision of the object is keeping out penetration of strangers into the protective object, the main places of using of given system are various entrance gates, perimeter of barrier, doors, and also approaches and bordering territory. In the premises the main attention of  TV cameras traditionally is paid to  internal doors, stair halls and territories around lifts, admissions into the technical premises. If it’s necessary to solve specific problems of security service(e.g. in commercial enterprise or office) TV cameras of video monitoring can be directed on definite especially important zones, for example, visitors reception zone or zone of cash operations. Besides, the information fixed as a result of video monitoring is often the major factual basis of official investigation, and, in some cases, is simply the only reliable, irrefutable and independent witness. The set control panel of video monitoring system allows to provide reliable control on the protective territory of object. Owing to modern computer technologies security service operator has an opportunity to get information from all set TV cameras, rule over cameras acts(turn cameras and enlarge an image) in the scale of real time, automatically fix the coming visual information on hard disk on the computer and so on.
In short, video monitoring system is one of the bases of information provision of security service efficient work. The practice of setting, applying and maintaining the video monitoring system by the specialists of PPE irrefutably proves the convenience and effectiveness of application of given technical mean in the sphere of protection and security provision of various objects.    
Finally, access systems control help to practically completely exclude the penetration into the object of persons who have nosayga right to be there. Besides, these systems allow to delimit the access of employees and guests of the object into various premises.
Modern access control systems are extremely hard to deceive, and any attempt of force penetration will give an alarm and immediate reaction of protective service. Such system is a complex of program- technical means, limiting the possibility of individuals to visit definite premises of protecting object of various secrecy level. Personification is usually provided by giving them an individual electronic magnetic key, which is an identification code of a given person when applying to system. Access control system has a sayganumber of dignities which make it unsurpassed assistant of enterprise security service. First of all access control system effectively, round-the-clock and practically instantly prevents penetration of certain type persons into the premises with insufficiently powers for it. It concerns both visitors and employees. So it becomes possible to effectively provide informational and enterprising security of company, to considerably avoid industrial espionage and illegal usage of equipment by company staff, considerably make it difficult to conduct secret-service activity of competitors in the sphere of company staff. Access control system integration into united complex of object technical defence means, together with the system ofsayga video monitoring and fire-defence signalization, usually allows the object protection to approximate to the maximum possible level, reducing, at the same time, expenditures on supporting “manpower” of security employees. However, of course it’s impossible to go on without “human factor” and direct parting of security service employees. As a rule, security worker carries on continual monitoring of protecting object premises, and in case of alarm signal technical worker or “alarm-group” is sent to the place of accident. Thus, technical systems of security allows to effectively protect big and complicated objects with force of comparatively few number of workers.

            Cynology service

Effectiveness of protective measures not always solely depends on person, in many cases guards rely on special means and sometimes use guard dogs during their work. Before taking to the service such animals they are trained in special nurseries for year and more, that’s why they are perfect guards of law and order. Protective agencies use in their activities guard dogs in various directions.
sayga dogThe simplest  way is protecting objects by guard dogs. The thing is that the whole territory or its certain districts are patrolled by specially trained animals. These can be security objects or private property, no difference. At client will an object periodical patrol can be carried on, or dogs freely move in the territory and necessarily neutralize the breaker. Protective agencies usually give guard dogs to objects by two regimes – round-the-clock or for twelve hours. The second variant is objects protection at nighttime, after work shift.
Another way of using specially trained dogs when doing protective services is patrol on different measures. For achieving security aims not always only guards are enough, that’s why often  the protective measures complex issayga dog supplemented by the help of guard dogs. Animals are basically used for searching forbidden things and objects, and also for moral frightening of potential breakers. If patrol doesn’t give a command the dog never attacks, it’s a rule. So you mustn’t fear them, guard dogs are trained much better than many of our home pets. However, even their presence gives necessary effect, as practice shows, number of breakings considerably lows.
And the main task for guard dogs is to find drugs and explosive devices. sayga dogProtective agencies give their animals by order to any kind of searching of such things, here the matter is not in disorderly conduct or larceny, there appears real threat for many people’s life and health. Guard dogs, capable of finding drugs and explosive devices, it’s elite among similar to themselves, their valuable skills are very claimed. In spite of all statements of scientists there is not invented more sensitive set than dogs nose.
Not many agencies can boast about presence of specially trained dogs in the list of protective services. The payment of their services is made by hour and it depends on total volume of fulfilled work.




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